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After going 1-1 in the AT&T Hoops Classic tournament, the Lions are on their way home! The squad brings with them a regional win and two All-Tournament honorees in Teresa Manigrasso and Chelsea Williams. Great overall performance by the team on the #AlaskaTrip! Check out Coach Jessee’s postgame thoughts and the official release here. #GoSaintLeo¬†

The Lions clinch a 69-42 victory over Brevard in the first game of the AT&T Hoops Classic tournament in Anchorage, Alaska! See Coach Nikki Jessee’s thoughts on the game and read the full story here. #GoSaintLeo #AlaskaTrip¬†

Today began with a trip to the mountains to go dog-sledding and snow-shoeing! Many of the team members saw snow for the first time and the -20 degree weather was new for everyone. There was even a moose nearby!


The Saint Leo women’s basketball team is heading to Anchorage, Alaska next week to compete in the AT&T Hoops Classic! Keep up with the Lions’ squad as they travel across the country by tuning into this page!